The Polyrhythmic Metronome studies were created on a sequencer designed by David Wessel using MaxMSP. The sounds used in the sequencer are from sampled African log drums and Englehart bells.

These rhythm cyles are designed to be used like a metronome with polyrhythms implied within the cycles. Any of the 12 pulses in a 12/8 cycle can be perceived as the downbeat. The different down beats can be supported by melodic/rhythmic patterns played over the cycle. The same is true for any of the many different time signatures in the Polyrhythmic Metronome series.

The examples here demonstrate a single down beat in 12/8 and 10/8 respectively. In each time signature the guitars bring out three different rhythms which are hidden within the examples.

These three different rhythms have different starting points and occupy three different areas within the cycles, thus allowing for an uncluttered polyrhythmic event to take place.

Julian Lage is the guitarist on the 12/8 and 10/8 examples, the and on the 12/8 track I supplied the drumset. The Polyrhythmic Metronome can be used by drummers and players of melodic instruments (drums can be melodic too).