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Denny Zeitlin  & George Marsh

Riding the Moment

On the new recording Riding the Moment, Zeitlin returns to spontaneous composing utilizing electronic instruments along with the acoustic piano. His co-creator is the prodigious drummer and musical conceptualist George Marsh, with whom he collaborated on his first foray into the world of electronics during the late 1960s and 1970s.


Free For Two

Fred Kaz & George Marsh

Free For Two

“Free For Two” is free jazz at its very finest – a spirited, profound and sometimes humorous improvised conversation between virtuoso pianist Fred Kaz and his soul brother, the incomparable drummer George Marsh.


W.A. Mathieu

Full Bloom


In Crossing The Busy Stree

J.B. Floyd / Thomas Buckner / George Marsh

In Crossing the Busy Street

Here’s the perfect example of how creativity can be ageless, transcending musical genres and not necessarily using an obscure and experimental language. This recording highlights the three main strands of Floyd’s career: pianist, composer, improvisor. He composed In Crossing the Busy Street for baritone Thomas Buckner (a frequent collaborator of his) and piano, using a poem by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore. The musical material from this twenty-two minute song cycle then became the basis for further exploration as material for improvisations. Floyd then worked with drummer George Marsh (another long-time collaborator) on what became Improvisations on In Crossing the Busy Street.


Noam Lemish & George Marsh


Pianist Noam Lemish and percussionist/drumset artist George Marsh perform original compositions and improvisations. Music from the heart, exploring a wide range of musical terrain, featuring masterful interplay and collaboration.

Uncharted Waters

Fred Kaz

Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters featuring George Marsh drums, and Nick Tountas bass.
Virtuoso jazz piano and superb drums and bass perform Kaz’s unique original
compositions, plus one melody from Puccini’s Tosca.


Mathieu, Marsh & Wilsey

The Bloom

W. Allaudin Mathieu, piano / Jennifer Wilsey, marimba and percussion / George Marsh, drum set and percussion

Group improvisation at its most risky, most awake, and most beautiful. The more you listen, the more you receive.


Timeless Pulse


Timeless Pulse Trio is Pauline Oliveros, accordion, with percussionists George Marsh and Jennifer Wilsey. Released in honor of the 20th annual Deep Listening Retreats held this year in Camallera, Spain and Petaluma, California, this is the third Timeless Pulse album. Formed in 1991 during a residency at the Deep Listening Institute, the full ensemble, including Thomas Buckner and David Wessel, has released two live recordings on CD: Live at CNMAT and Quintet. This is the first time this entity has been stripped down to a trio, recorded in a studio and released on vinyl. Divided into four sides with titled subsections, the album includes guests Ione and Joyce Kouffman contributing spoken word and cello on “Real As Any Dream.”
2 LP Set


The Loading Zone

Blue Flame

Hear what these 60’s Bay Area favorites sounded like then and now. Front-burner psychedelic funk-rock contrasted with older, wiser ElderFunk. Sweet.


George Marsh & Noam Lemish

Yes And

Original compositions bringing together the worlds of jazz and classical music in an intimate duo of drums and piano. Featuring masterful interplay and lyricism throughout, ranging from the humorous to the profound. Elegant, energetic and passionate music.


The David Grisman Quintet

At Jazz Alley

David Grisman – mandolin
James Kerwin – bass
Matt Eakle – flute and bass flute
George Marsh – drums and percussion
Frank Vignola – guitar
Grant Gordy – guitar (on “Pneumonia”)



The David Grisman Quintet

Live at Bonnaroo 2009 DVD

David Grisman – mandolin
James Kerwin – bass
Matt Eakle – flute and bass Flute
George Marsh – drums and percussion
Grant Gordy – guitar

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