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Timeless Pulse


Timeless Pulse Trio is Pauline Oliveros, accordion, with percussionists George Marsh and Jennifer Wilsey. Released in honor of the 20th annual Deep Listening Retreats held this year in Camallera, Spain and Petaluma, California, this is the third Timeless Pulse album. Formed in 1991 during a residency at the Deep Listening Institute, the full ensemble, including Thomas Buckner and David Wessel, has released two live recordings on CD: Live at CNMAT and Quintet. This is the first time this entity has been stripped down to a trio, recorded in a studio and released on vinyl. Divided into four sides with titled subsections, the album includes guests Ione and Joyce Kouffman contributing spoken word and cello on “Real As Any Dream.”

2 LP Set

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George Marsh & John Abercrombie

Drum Strum


George Marsh


“George, thanks for giving me a chance to listen to Marshland. You can be proud of this marvelous album.”

– Louis Bellson


Mel Graves

Three Worlds


Listen (featuring Mel Martin)

Mel Martin , George Marsh, Andy Narell tenor steel drums, Jeff Narell, tenor steel drums, Dave Dunaway, bass, and Larry Dunlap, Fender Rhodes electric piano. This band played a very futuristic fusion (1977) of Jazz, odd time signatures, rock, Latin and free improvisation… Very popular jazz group in the S.F. Bay Area at that time. The album won a Bammy award for best album of the year.

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More early fusion (1977) featuing Denny Zeitlin keyboards, Ratso Harris bass, Rich Fudoli reeds, Tom Buckner vocals, and myself on drums.

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Denny Zeitlin with George Marsh and Mel Graves


Early fusion (1973) before it got fused. Denny Zeitlin, a world class pianist and keyboardist, with the great Mel Graves on bass and George Marsh on drums.

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Jerry Hahn


(Another very rare album, available on vinyl only) It features Jerry Hahn, Mel Graves, Meryl Saunders and myself in an early ( January 1973) realization of fusion.

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The Loading Zone

One For All

(Very rare, available on vinyl only ) It features Paul Fauerso , Mike Eggleston , Steve Busfield, Ron Taormina, Patrick O’Hara, and myself in a very early (1970) realization of fusion). Here are some mp3’s from the album: Think, One For All, and a song that has No Title.


The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood

(Very rare, available on vinyl only ) It features Jerry Hahn, Mel Graves, Mike Finnigan and myself in a very early (1970) realization of fusion). There has been a lot of talk about the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood since Verlyn Klinkenborg’s op-ed article apperared in the NY Times. Jerry tried to get the album released on CD without any luck…let’s hope this will change things.

New York Times Article from 2006