Inner Drumming – Examples

Concepts: Inner Drumming, Part 1: How to Listen With All Four Limbs
(From: Modern Drummer, April 2012)
by George Marsh

Ever since I privately published my book Inner Drumming in 1983, I’ve received hundreds of letters and emails wanting to know exactly what it is and how to obtain a copy. This is the first of a series of articles bringing this very simple and powerful approach to you.

Before we delve into the complexities of what I call Inner Drumming Rudiments, it’s important to pay attention to each limb separately. With any style of music, there’s always the need to learn certain rhythmic patterns with specific limb combinations. These patterns are part of the accepted styles and are extremely important because they get you through the door so you can play music. They work great as you learn to interact with other musicians and play the music you love. But the potential downside of playing only style-specific patterns is that you can become restricted in your ability to create fresh ideas. The concepts we’re going to explore here can help change this by training your reflexes to be free to respond and listen in new ways. The exercises prepare you for spontaneous playing, thinking, and listening.

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