Inner Drumming by George Marsh

Inner Drumming

Drumset Exercises for Developing Body/Mind Awareness
by George Marsh

George, in one lesson, opened up a flow I never knew existed up to that point. His concepts allowed me to connect with myself and to music at a deeper level. I am forever grateful for his inspiration.”
— Matt Wilson

  • All drummers need to practice their rudiments and the various styles of music in which they are involved. But there is another crucial aspect of music not covered by those efforts. George Marsh’s landmark book, Inner Drumming gives you the missing ingredient: internal awareness of your body as you are playing.
  • Through a comprehensive series of exercises, George leads you step-by-step in learning how to feel the energy flowing through your four limbs as you play. This leads to developing a greater sense of mastery of your body and your drumset at the same time.
  • The book and accompanying DVD include chapters of one, two, three, and four-limb exercises designed to increase relaxation and remove energy blockages to your personal musical expression.
  • Go to the Inner Drumming page to find sample pages and sample DVD clips –
    See for yourself how valuable Inner Drumming can be to your musical development. You won’t regret having discovered this unique approach to musical drumming


It’s a rare thing amongst drummers today to consider HOW we move as being important. I’ve known George since 1973 and have been a huge fan of his work and approach. He’s always had a “loose,” relaxed feel and his book explains to us why. This is a very deep study of movement — paths of energy from one limb to the other and how to make that work for you. Thank you!”
— David Garibaldi

It was a door opener for me.”
— Joey Barron

The book constantly stresses virtues which are necessary for playing the drumset musically in any style: listening/concentration, a sense of form and structure, melodic development, physical and mental relaxation, and freedom with benign discipline. Get this book and live with it for a while. The only limitations of Mr. Marsh’s book are the imagination and patience of the person studying it.”
— Ed Soph

George has devised a system of practicing so that your hands and feet can more easily perform the musical ideas you are thinking. Inner Drumming breaks down those tendencies that have been programmed into the subconscious, and helps the drummer develop a freer, more relaxed approach to the instrument. Result — more relaxed movement around the drums and more musical drumming.”
— Roy Burns


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